motto “Move on”


FARO is a spanish expresion for lighthouse. The association is intended to be an imaginary light house in the sea of contemporary performing art, based in Czech Republic.

The core of FARO moving space is made by artists from different feelds as dance, theater, music and visual art. The founders of the association are performers, choreographers and dance teachers Lenka Kniha Bartůňková and Petra Pellarová, with an actor Jiří Kniha, composer and visual artis Marek Havlíček and with a spanish musicion and composer Ignacio Falcón.

For us the association Faro moving space is a specific point of departure and arrival to meet and to colaborate in a artisctic feeld. Our fellowship focuse mainly in dance and physical theater, music and visual art with aim to cooperate with artists from the widest possible variety of branches on individual projects. Above all at an international level.

We colaborate with: – dancers, actores, performers,choreographers, directors, dance teachers, fine artists, designers,movie makers, with companyes and institutions as theaters, festivals, art galeries and other non conventional places.

We offer workshops, or choreographic and performing work to make an events and performances.

FARO moving space is a platforme to meet and to built up conections. It is an iniciator of eventual future cooperation and further development for artists.