Lenka Kniha Bartůňková independent choreographer, dancer, performer and teacher of contemporary dance and Pilates technic. Graduate conservatory  Duncan Centre (Prague-Czech Republic) and Folkwang Hochschule (Essen-Germany). Five years was working as a dancer and choreograher in Germany and for two years in Spain. She is a holder of choreographic prices:  1st price of choreographic competition Jarmila Jeřábková 2005, 1st price “Discovery in dance 2008” Cena Sazky. In 2010 she was taking a part in representation event of Czech Republic at International exhibition EXPO in Shanghai(China)Her work as a teachor, choreographer and dancer was presented at countries Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Jordan, UK, NY, China (Macao,Shanghai)  Kazachstan, Zimbabwe, Ghana.

Marek Havlíček – music composer, sound designer and visual artist. Holder of price “prix SACD 2018” for a music he composed for a dance piece “Aujourd’hui sauvage”. In previous twenty years worked and composed music particulary in France with artists and companyes as: La Volière Dromesko, Théâtre des frères Forman, Théâtre du Radeau (F. Tanguy), Yvan Corbineau, Pierre Meunier. For five years, he is working with the choreographer Fabrice Lambert. (Nervure, Antipodes, Jamais assez a Aujourdhui Sauvage).

Petra Pellarová – independent performer and teachor of dance therapy.She graduate Author’s creation and pedagogy DAMU in Prague. She was studiyng dance at conservatory Duncan Centre (Prague), dance and mime department at Folkwang Hochshule (Essen, Germany). She got a scholarship for one year in Bali, where she was studiing traditional dance.Over a long period  was cooperating with Forman brothers theater. She participated at projects Plzeň 2015 city of culture, 180Degrees Festival and Laboratory for innovative Art Sofie.

Jiří Kniha: an actor freelancer, co-founder of czech theater company DNO. After guesting at Klicperově theater ( Hradec Králové) he was working for seven years at theater Divadle Husa na Provázku in Brno, where he was colaborating with other theater companies .He applyes to improvisation and social-politic theater and puppet theater. Now, he lives in Prague and as a guest appearance works for theaters: Divadlo na Zábradlí, Minor, Tygr v tísni, Studio Hrdinů, Venuše ve Švehlovce, studio Rubín. He colaborates with Forman brothers theater (“Death town”) He appears with small roles at movies,series and TV productions.

Ignacio Falcón, Spanish music composer based in Prague. Since more than  10 years ago, he makes music for different types of projects  like art projects  (Tušení Stínu, Artist Universe or Deconstruyendo a Monteverdi), shortfilms, films and documentaries (Dentro, Neuro, Confluye Zaragoza), video games (Mr. Thready, Bllod Ancestors),  advertisement (Vulcan 3, Artistique) and institutional videos.

Nina Kirk visual artist working with broad range of media- from paintings, illustration, photography, video art, makeup design, and the performing arts. In her works she widely uses references to her childhood, subconscious, magical realism, and alchemy. As an illustrator/art director she worked on various projects from high end fashion films/ commercial lookbooks for a variety of clients from independent shows to major feature films and commercials. She is based in Prague and LA.

Themes of internal conflict, religious symbolism and casual violence are in Kirk’s case often painted in bright pastel colors that are in bold contrast with rather disturbing and sinister motives.